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Airborne antarctic ozone experiment (AAOE-87): end of mission statement

Gaines, Steven E and Hipskind, Stephen (1989) Airborne antarctic ozone experiment (AAOE-87): end of mission statement. Documentation. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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Official URL: http://cloud1.arc.nasa.gov/aaoe/project/statement....


This statement has been prepared by the scientists who went to Punta Arenas, Chile to study the Antarctic ozone hole. This summary represents the views of the scientists themselves and not necessarily those of the cosponsoring organizations. The findings that will be presented are preliminary. Under normal circumstances, scientists studying such a complex scientific issue would take many months to years to disclose their initial findings. However, the issue of ozone perturbation is one of justifiable public concern, and hence the public should be kept abreast of the current scientific thinking. It is in this spirit that we would like to share our provisional picture of the Antarctic springtime ozone hole. Furthermore, this will help to stimulate the scientific inquiry and debate that can only lead to an improved and timely understanding of the phenomenon. A much more complete and final interpretation of our findings will be forthcoming after a planned intensive series of scientific meetings and the submittal of a group of scientific papers to the peer review process.

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